RANGER innovates by combining novel and ground-breaking Radar technologies with innovative supporting technological solutions for early warning, in view of delivering a surveillance platform that will offer tracking as well as detection, recognition, and identification of vessels far beyond existing legacy radar systems. Furthermore, the RANGER system will seamlessly fit and contribute to the CISE framework through the provision of on-demand CISE compliant services.

RANGER is designed to provide solutions by improving sharpness and accuracy of existing surveillance systems through the implementation of innovative technologies. This will give the opportunity to its operators to have a clearer view of the approaching unknown small vessels while improving significantly the operational capabilities as well through the provision of automatic alerting procedures, classification of alerting and self-learning capabilities that RANGER platform is offering. What RANGER promises with respect to EUROSUR implementation is its strong complementarily by contributing with a source of information of high integrity and high actionable value. The combination of RANGER research and development outputs (OTH, PE-MIMO, EWS and CISE translation gateway) will yield significant added-value to the smart-borders initiative. RANGER will facilitate the improvement of the sea-border surveillance operations by overcoming the limitations of existing sensing means and the inherent difficulties of the task at hand. The sheer size of the monitored area, the complexity introduced by the numerous islands/islets and in some cases, the proximity of the departure points with respect to the defined borders, call for a solutions such as RANGER providing accurate, fast and efficient detection while being cost-efficient both in terms of ownership but also in terms of operations and maintenance.

The most important contribution of RANGER will be to significantly progress the accuracy and long distance detection, identification and recognition capacity for small boats, thus drastically improving the response and intervention capacity of European SaR services and personnel, severely reducing the expected number of casualties in the Mediterranean basin, whether it is the Greek archipelago, the southern Atlantic or the open seas of Italy and France.

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