The main objectives of RANGER project are:

High-level Objective 1: To provide a complete solution for traffic surveillance and search and rescue operations offering vessel detection, recognition, and identification capacities far beyond existing radars in terms of both target size and range for traffic surveillance and search and rescue operations.

High-level Objective 2: To lower the total cost of ownership (acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance) compared to existing radar solutions.

High-level Objective 3: To ensure compatibility of the RANGER platform with CISE, already from the design phase in order to safeguard seamless interoperability in line with the CISE compliance framework through a scalable set of CISE-ready RANGER services.

High-level Objective 4: To validate and demonstrate the effectiveness of the integrated RANGER platform in relevant environments by the actual public authorities/end-users in two terrain-diverse operational scenarios that will be implemented in two phases each, accomplishing at the end of the project a TRL-6 level for the entire RANGER platform.

High-level Objective 5: To define a multilevel compliance framework that RANGER solution will be aligned with.

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