8 – 10 October 2019

The NATO STO-CMRE (Science and Technology Organization Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation) co-organized with our project, RANGER, the first Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop (MSAW 2019) which was held in the town of Lerici in Italy from the 8th to 10th of October 2019.

The aim of this workshop was to present and discuss advanced, innovative concepts, and emerging scientific challenges with respect to current and future Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) operational needs. The event themed “Science and technology meet operational needs” brought together operational experts and scientists from national government, academia and industry where they had the opportunity to exchange knowledge on respective challenges that they confront on the topic.

Within this framework, the RANGER project team actively participated in the fruitful discussions that took place with various maritime stakeholders throughout the workshop and also presented the RANGER solutions, the technological advances and its results. Our project presented in total 6 papers in the MSAW 2019!

During this 3-day event, in total, 42 oral presentations were made, 12 posters were showcased along with 7 booth demos from NITEC and EU projects. The topics included in the presentations were:

  • Big data in the maritime
  • Machine learning in the maritime
  • Signal processing and data fusion
  • Maritime Unmanned Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence in the maritime
  • Support to maritime operation

The workshop attracted a lot of attention from experts involved in the maritime domain with over 170 ones participating in who came from 23 different countries worldwide! Productive collaboration and synergistic discussions among MSA specialists from technical and non-technical areas was achieved while cross-fertilization of ideas from scientific and other domains was fostered in order to help in the design and of course implementation of future solutions to MSA operational needs.

The RANGER project team would like to thank the hosting organization, NATO STO-CMRE, for its hospitality and efforts for the successful realization of the event; and all participating organizations, experts and EU project representatives for honoring us with their presence as well as their contribution to the constructive discussions made by sharing knowledge and experiences on the topic.