Big data in the maritime domain

  • Infrastructure and management
  • Data modelling and visualization
  • ICT and cyber security
  • All-source integration and interoperability
  • Scalable and computational methods

Machine learning in the maritime domain

  • Pattern recognition and prediction
  •  Anomaly detection
  • Knowledge discovery and clustering
  • Deep learning
  • Benchmarks and testbeds

Signal processing and data fusion

  • Space-based/airborne radar
  •  Passive and multistatic radar and sonar
  • High-resolution radar imaging
  • Image and video processing
  • Target detection, tracking, and classification
  • Remote sensing

Maritime Unmanned Systems 

  • Unmanned Underwater/Surface/Aerial Vehicle technologies 
  • Applied robotic and autonomy
  • Cooperative multi-agent systems
  •  Networked intelligence
  •  Distributed signal processing and fusion

Artificial Intelligence in the maritime domain

  • Knowledge acquisition, representation and reasoning
  •  Uncertainty modelling and management
  • Semantic analysis and MSA vocabularies
  •  Human and open-source intelligence processing
  •  Decision making under uncertainty

Support to maritime operations

  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  •  Search and rescue mission support
  • Threat assessment 
  • Critical infrastructure protection (e.g. underwater cables)
  • Border control and anti-piracy