26 & 27 July 2016 / 27 & 28 September 2016

In the framework of Work Package 2, Task 2.2: Generic and Pilot-specific Mission and Operational Requirements Elicitation, two special workshops were organized on 26 & 27 July 2016, in Athens-Greece and on 27 & 28 September 2016, in Toulon – France. The workshops were attended by EXUS, as project Coordinator; LAU, as Work Package 2: Mission, Operational and System Requirements leader; HMOD, as Task 2.2: Generic and Pilot-specific Mission and Operational Requirements Elicitation leader; The Hellenic Navy and DMA as end-users; and ICCS, as project Technical manager.

During both workshops, special sessions took place on different possible operation scenarios during maritime surveillance i.e. safety and security, border control, environment and customs. Examples were provided to the participants on how operations currently take place and on how the consortium would expect operations to be performed after the deployment of RANGER. Each participating organization (LAU, HMOD, DMA) presented its role in such operations, providing specific examples and clarifications with regard to the way that the requirements should be provided by end-users.

The objective was to identify the specific requirements of the RANGER platform from the end-users’ perspective. To that end, experienced personnel in national and international command and control centres as well as sea authentication operations, set the generic operational framework for the platform by providing their expert opinions. In collaboration with the authorities responsible for the organization of the two project pilots for the validation and demonstration of RANGER, in France (open sea environment) and in Greece (archipelago), the requirements were further analyzed and specified.